This Marshmallow Yule Log (also commonly known as Church Windows, Stained Glass) is one of my very favourite retro Christmas recipes! This is not the recipe known as TV Roll which has raw eggs in it. This treat is pure chocolate and colored marshmallow goodness! If you are looking for more Christmas color try my Grinch crock pot candy recipe or my mint M&M Christmas fudge.

How to Make a Marshmallow Yule Log

One of the reasons that I love this marshmallow dessert is the coloured marshmallows remind me of the best of the best of Canadian prairie treats. My Peanut Butter Marshmallow Confetti Bars are one of the recipes that reminds me of my childhoods the most. My Grandma always had a stash of those in her freezer and if you haven’t eaten one of those while they are frozen, you simply haven’t lived my friends. Put that on your must try list!

While it may seem that you’re not going to be able to form this into two rolls, the parchment paper that you place the mixture on to form the chocolate into a log is your helper. It’s messy, but it does actually work in the end! Just form into a log with the parchment paper around it ( use it like a barrier between the mixture and your hands) and then keep packing the coconut onto the outside of the roll.  The real key is freezing them, everything is going to come together and meld properly if you just give it time. Then when it comes time to serve it, you can defrost it enough to slice with a knife and you’re done!

If you don’t have waxed paper for freezing the marshmallow Yule logs in, you can use parchment paper instead. The most important part is that you are sealing it up with plastic wrap to keep them fresh and prevent freezer burn. These will last in your freezer for up to 3 months if wrapped up properly.

Who else remembers these from when you were a kid? I am so excited to take mine out of the freezer this Christmas and have the whole family try them!




This Marshmallow Yule Log is one of my very favourite retro Christmas recipes! This treat is pure chocolate, walnut and coloured marshmallow goodness! #Christmas #YuleLog #dessert


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